The truth at last… Meter Bridge are Richard Kleef and Jill Beaulieu. Playing and recording since 2011, they have jointly created an expansive catalog of tracks. Undaunted by continuous positive feedback, this quirky couple have released Meter Bridge’s first full length album. The songs are crafted within the genres of synthpop, postindustrial and electropop. Mastered by D.J. Olive, the tracks are sparkly and well produced.

Their influences include: Cluster, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, The Cocteau Twins, Magazine, The The, and St. Saviour. Picture David Bowie, Groove Armada, Hot Chip and the Knife melded into thoughtfully arranged original compositions.
Richard uses Ableton software, Native Instruments, Moog and Korg synths as well as some choice guitar rigs; the Telecaster being his staple. He is known for his creative guitar work, both ‘live’ and as a session player, always leaving room to breathe while serving up yummy ear candy.

Jill has a pure tone, with strength in her melody lines. She reaches into her DNA to pull out lyrics with a mesmerizing quality. Her intuitive style, rooted in years of transcendent chanting, shines through in this musical symbiosis. Together their voices blend into a Human League-like texture, while remaining hauntingly Meter Bridge.
Meter Bridge have garnered attention from promoters and music aficionados in the international synthpop scene.

We come from Nelson, BC a mecca for artists, millionaires and weirdos. Our drive to create intelligent, thoughtfully arranged songs has brought us to the digital realms. We have made many international friends that have resulted in collaborative projects. Our insatiable recording habit is unstoppable leading to another album in progress, several more collaborations and requests from various artists to remix our tracks.

We look forward to playing in England in September 2016 at the ElectroLondon festival with Wolfgang Flür (ex-Kraftwerk) as the headliner.